Friday, June 12, 2009

Dreamtime and Healing

I was not sure if I was going to write a blog entry this week as I have been a little bit under the weather. When I am not feeling well, I sleep...a lot. Sleeping gives my body a chance to heal and my mind gets uninterrupted time in which to work through a lot of things. Dreamtime.

Last week, I took a big hit emotionally and mentally. I allowed myself to experience things that I could have, should have, and would have walked away from, but did not. Because of my professionalism and ethics, I stayed and "took it," ignoring my intuitive gifts. I let my human side and not my intuitive side make the decisions.

My friend Katie, the caricaturist, turned me on to Jo Dunning, founder of the The Pulse Technique. The Pulse Technique is an energy healing modality. I participated in her free teleconference workshop yesterday. Whether or not you believe various types of alternative healing techniques can work, I know that The Pulse Technique did something for me.

There are many layers and to our personalities. When we heal, we do not have control over which wound gets attention first. Some injuries take longer to heal because they are older or we have ignored them. This morning, I remembered several dreams that I had last night. While the situations, people and actions were illogical--nothing made sense in a linear way, there was a lot of information in those dreams that I am able to work with to resolve some old issues.

When I read for people, I can "feel or see" issues, blockage, fear, change, and transformation for them. This is what I do best. Why am I an issue-oriented intuitive? That's because I am always working on my issues, etc. I am a work in progress and I respect, value, and embrace dream work. Dreams can be the keys that open our eyes to what was, what can never be, and what is possible. Dreams are a gift.

The message I am sharing with you today is the following: If you jot down your dreams when you awaken from sleep, you may find valuable information contained in them. Whether or not they are prophetic, insightful or healing, your dreams are important. Embrace them, respect them and use the information you glean from them.

You may want to check out Jo Dunning's website at for more information about Jo and her Pulse Technique.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spontaneity, Creativity and Courage

Today my guides reminded me that I did not post anything on my blog yesterday. I decided to ask them for a topic. As usual, they responded instantaneously and said, "Davida, why don't you pick three angel cards and channel a message." I looked into my little black box, which has a hand-painted angel on it, opened it, and there were two cards staring at me--Creativity and Courage.

My Tarot students and friends know that I always want more information than may be contained in one card. With Tarot, I like to have at least five or six cards. My philosophy is "the more, the merrier." I reached in blindly and pulled one more card. The angels presented me with the word Spontaneity.

Many of us are at a point in our lives where we need to take a good look at how we live on a day-to-day basis. I tend to be practical as well as intuitive, so while I am blessed with the ability to provide insight for others, these cards also contain a personal message for me, too. Spontaneity reminds me of the improv classes I took at Players Workshop and Second City. One of my teachers, the late, great, Martin de Maat had a Zen-like attitude toward improvisational acting. He taught us, reminded us, and held our hands while we learned and played. Being present is one of the tidbits I walked away from his class. It helped me in my life and the work I do immeasurably. If we live in the moment and not in our heads, our actions will be organic. If we focus on others or the task at hand, the right words will come and our actions will be honest. Everything will happen spontaneously. Martin was a gift to his students and he shared his gifts from a very loving place.

Creativity? I love to tell people that being creative is not about art, music, drama, writing, etc. It is about imagination. It is about going beyond the limits of practicality. Better yet, it is about being open in order to let your mind take you where you need to go. Could this be what a form of meditation? I think so. With spontaneity and creativity, magic can happen.

Courage? At this point in time we all need to be courageous. It is about finding our center and connecting to it deeply. Bert Lahr portrayed the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz" magnificently. I will always remember how he found the strength and courage when it was needed. He found courage within himself. We need to do that too. I believe being courageous means following through and not being discouraged before we attain what it is we set out to accomplish.

By putting these cards together, today's message tells me that spontaneity is the key to allowing creativity to blossom into something wonderful. It is not about censoring your ideas. It is about letting them come through you spontaneously, and finding the courage to let that spark glow and burn brightly. Today's gift from the angels is profound. Live spontaneously and creatively with the courage to make your life what you want it to be. If you can do that, opportunities will present themselves and all you need to do is be present, get out of your head and make magic happen. Did the angels give you a message with these words too?