Thursday, September 27, 2012

Perfection -- nah!

What is perfection?  Everyone has their own answer to that question.  What makes something perfect?  How knit-picky, analytical or critical do we have to be before we say -- enough!  How much input from others, you know a critique that occasionally borders on an insult, should we take to heart?  How many people, who we value as authorities, have been honest with us throughout our lives? 

Twenty/twenty hindsight is our best teacher.  I bet if you look back at your life you will see at least one incident of having been knocked down and kicked (not necessarily physically) by someone you loved or respected.  I would also bet that you may have thought or believed that you deserved it, and then possibly beat yourself up over it.  On the other hand, it may be quite possible that you may have had the awareness to say, "What the ...?"  Age has a wonderful way of showing us the wisdom we have gained through living, and if we are willing, provides us with more opportunity to say, this is as good as it gets.  I'm fine with what I've done.

So, what is my point here?  It's all about self esteem/self worth. 

Many of us go through life beating ourselves up trying to please others, do our jobs, create art in some form, or anything whatever, only to have someone trash us.  The problem is, we often accept other people's opinions of what is good or perfect.  Perfection is as subjective as art.  Everyone has an opinion.  Some we agree with and others we do not.

Everything we do depends upon the standards we set for ourselves or those we abide by, depending on the situation.  What is important is we should be happy with whatever we have done whether or not someone else is happy with it.  OK, so we are graded, judged, appreciated, reprimanded, etc.  That is a fact of life.  We should do our best at any given moment.  If we are having an off day, we can blame it on an astrological aspect or some cycle.  Even better, we should just take responsibility for what we did or didn't do as well as we normally would.  Life's like that.

The most important thing to remember is we have the ability to see what we went through, whether the person who committed the act of trashing us ever realized they were doing so at the time.  Jealousy does exist, but why should we live our lives worrying about the negative stuff.  "Don't sweat the small stuff."

Not every day is perfect.  Not everyone behaves perfectly.  Isn't that terrific?  I think so.  Perfection to me is having things come together and being able to make people ... and myself happy.  If it works, this is excellent, nah, it's Perfect.   

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When I grow up I want to be...

When we are children, we often make all sorts of wishes. We wish on a star, on a four-leaf clover, include them as part of our prayers, and through other means. If we look back (20/20 hindsight), these wishes are eventually granted. However they may not be granted immediately or they way we expect. They may take dozens of years to come to fruition. How do I know this...I've been reading Tarot cards and Palm for over 30 years.

Here's an example of four of mine that have come to pass:

Wishes No. 1 and 2 - I wanted to be a teacher and I also wanted to be psychic like my dad. When he was alive, I used to say, "If I had one quarter of his abilities I would be thrilled." My dad used to tell me, "The student should surpass his/her teacher." While I thought I might actually teach school, it never occurred to me that I might teach unconventionally -- Tarot in the continuing education department of a community college. Bingo. It has come to pass, not necessarily the way I envisioned it. But it happened -- both wishes granted.

Last night I experienced the gifts of a young woman -- a Reiki practitioner who works with Archangels Michael and Gabriel. She was directed to register/take my Practical Tarot II - Minor Arcana class. With no actual knowledge of Tarot, her intuitive gifts blew me out of the water. Her abilities remind me of when I first started reading Tarot -- full on intuition with very little knowledge of the cards. She's amazingly clairaudient. I know she will bring great joy to the world as she continues on her path. I am blessed to learn she was directed to me. What an honor from the angels. - Wishes 1 and 2 granted.

Wish No. 3 - I wanted to be a nurse. While I didn't make it into nursing school, which was probably the best thing in the world, I discovered that my intuitive abilities with/without Tarot -- ok clairaudience, allows me to provide information for people who are begining to heal, or need input as they continue to heal from their emotional issues. When I was 18, I was a trance medium. After my father died, that was the end of my mediumship abilities, or so I thought. For the past four months or so, I have been communicating with people who have crossed over during the course of my Tarot/intuitive work. There are times when the information I receive, along with the character and personality traits of loved ones, amazes me. Now I truly understand the power of the gifts of John Edwards, James van Praagh and Theresa Caputo, the Long Island medium. My gift works differently than theirs. I still provide messages, but somehow, I have to hold a Tarot deck in my hand...and I also do other types of readings -- not just crossover work. So, while I may not be a nurse, I am definitely one who ministers to the well being of others. -- Wish No. 3 granted.

Wish No. 4 - I wanted to be an actor. Well, I did pursue it as a career, in Chicago when I was in my 30s. I had a few good print jobs and voiceover bookings. The improvisational and scene study classes I attended provided information that has been beneficial to me in many ways. For example, from improv, I learned to "be in the moment." If we live in our heads, we are not really living. There is a time for imagination and fantasy, but for day-to-day living, staying grounded and present is necessary. Through scene work, I realized that conflict provides for the growth of individuals and the clearing up and creation of karma. While emotional outbursts makes for great entertainment -- drama, in real life, temperance and understanding is what is needed. To quote my mother, "Maturity is the ability to exercise self control." -- Wish No. 4 granted...I am an entertainer, not necessarily an actor.

So, I have gotten all four wishes in one -- not necessarily the way I expected, but perfect for me just the same.

To sum things up, I am an instrument of angels and others. My wishes were granted and on that level, I am at peace and content -- living in the present and living passionately.

Are you willing to share your "when I grow up story... and how it turned out?"