Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Migrating is not just for the birds...

While it may seem as though I had abandoned blogging, I really didn't.  I started a second blog on Wordpress in 2011 that I had intended to use strictly for Tarot-related topics.  Unfortunately, over the past two years, I found myself so busy that that I did not have time to write, or blog for that matter.  So, there were not many entries in either blog.

As I start my own personal new year, I am making a lot of changes in my life.  One of them is to get back to blogging at least once a week.  While I like to write more than a simple thought or paragraph, I realize sound bites of wisdom and information are also good.  So you can expect some short and sweet posts in the future, too.

My primary focus has been and will always be Practical Tarot.  Information comes to me from a variety of sources:  angels, guides, ascended masters, common sense, Tarot, family members and friends who have crossed over, life experience, and my clair senses -- clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and the one I always forget to list -- claircognizance.. 

Back to the subject of migration...
Please follow me to my Wordpress blog -- which is no longer just for Tarot.  I have posted a new entry there earlier today, Enjoy!

FYI:  This is the last blog entry I am posting here. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Thoughts

Depending on your sense of humor, we have a new year.  I see this year as a chance to make positive, healthy changes.  Of course, we can always keep on doing what we always do -- muck up potential opportunties.  I forgot what television or cartoon character used to say, "Time's awasting."  You know what, we do waste time.  Then again, there are times when we have to wait for things to happen.  Either way, life is all about how you spend your time and how you can change toxic thoughts into healthy thoughts,

What do you want to do?  Me?  I welcome change, even though there will be times I find myself kicking, screaming and fighting it.  What keeps me grounded is the "Wizard of Oz."  Not the book -- the movie.  Remember when the wicked witch wrote the words "Surrender Dorothy" overhead?  Surrendering allows the Creator to take our thoughts, wishes and dreams and make small miracles happen. 

The memories of my childhood still brings a smile to my face.  I cannot divorce myself from my past -- my childhood -- the dreams I had and disillusionments that often followed.  I would not be the person I am today if all of these experiences did not occur.  I am the sum total of the changes that occurred in my life as well as the choices I made.  You are the sum total of your experiences as well.  It is good to remember and remind yourself of where you came from and what you have accomplished, rather than be concerned about what you still want to accomplish.

The new year, start out fresh -- like newly fallen snow before someone tromps on it and the cars make it slushy and dirty.  As a child, I remember wanting to run outside and make angels in the snow.  The sound of the crunch of snow under my boots and the caress of the brisk air of a cold Chicago winter are still locked into my brain and memory.  I cannot turn the clock back, but I can remember.  Then reality hits.

I have gotten older.  Many, too many, of my high school and grade school classmates have transitione into the spiritual realm.  These are people I consider my family.  Why?  We grew up together.  We shared experiences -- likes dislikes, dreams, and oh, all sorts of things.  Children and teenagers do that. 

We do not live forever in physical form.  Our bodies are not designed that way.  We are like our automobiles -- our parts wear out and sometimes need to be replaced.  We have a finite period of time on this planet.  Why don't we all focus on what we want to change and embrace.  Life is short.  We do not know how much time we have left here.  This is a new year.  This is the year where I'm going all out.  I'm going to live my life fully, completely and do a ton more of writing.  I was put on this planet to share thoughts, ideas, and be spiritual teacher -- ok, with a Tarot deck in my hand as well.

My new year's goal, yes it is a goal, to do consistent blogging, writing and sharing my wealth of knowledge and the wisdom gained.  What is your new year's goal?  Tell me.