Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today’s word is resonance. When I say a word or statement resonates, I imply that it not only makes sense, but it strikes a chord within. It “feels” right. It belongs. We are connecting to words, ideas, and more—in a powerful way. There is a vibration taking place that transports us somewhere for a moment—deep within our soul. We “know” that something fits—that it is right for us. Resonance—a powerful feeling!

My mother used to talk to me about how difficult her life was during the Great Depression and World War II. She explained how she and her parents had to do without things because they barely had two nickels to rub together. She hoped her children would not have to experience what she did during those times. Because she lived through difficult financial times, she learned how to stretch her money and meals. She was thrifty, not cheap. She had to be. She taught me the value of a dollar, and if I wanted something, I waited…and waited to get it. However, whenever we needed something, she managed to find a way for us to get it. She frequently said. “All comes to he who waits.” In some cases, that is what planting seeds for the future is all about. Realistically speaking, sometimes we need to go out and grab what we want because it doesn’t always come to us if we wait. In this case, waiting is known as a missed opportunity.

An example of taking action was when I looked for my current apartment. I did my homework first. I called the resident manager and found out what I needed to bring with me in case I wanted the apartment—it resonated with me. Well, I found the one I wanted. I swooped in and grabbed it. I had my money order for a credit check, all of the necessary financial paperwork with me, and I filled out the application on the spot. That’s where the expression “Time and tide waits for no man” resonated for me. I learned when to wait and when to move—nay, swoop.

Why am I talking about my mother, lack of money, apartment hunting, and planting seeds? It is very simple. History repeats itself. Sooner or later, things and situations occur and it feels like déjà vu. I see how the wheel of life moves, how cycles repeat, and how the law of karma works. The lessons my mother taught me does resonate…on a practical level. Then there is resonance on a spiritual level—for me, it is Tarot.

My Tarot class last night was full of surprises. I am always amazed how each group starts out now knowing one another and ends up bonding beautifully over the course of six weeks. It is rewarding to see how the material I present resonates with a diverse group of individuals. I am truly blessed because I am able to enlighten people and show them the joy of Tarot.

More resonance! I worked several events over the past few weeks—a few grad nights, a Birthday party, and two corporate events. Each group of individuals I read for (Tarot and/or palms) was unique. My job was to interpret the information I received and make it fit each individual in a manner that resonated with them. I did. This is what I do.

Someone once asked me how I felt about using my intuitive gifts for money. My reply was simple. My gifts have been given to me and to not use them would be a waste. I do not abuse my gifts. I use them to entertain people and provide information that can help them—information that resonates with them. My mother often told me that people do not readily accept or listen to advice unless they pay for it. People must value the work you do. If not, why would someone consult us or stand in line for an hour at a party to have us read for them? The answer is simple—we perform a service. When I pick up a Tarot deck or hold someone’s hand and look at their palm, I am offering to share my gifts in a positive manner to help them—with love and understanding. If what I tell someone resonates with them, then I have done an excellent job. I know my mother would be proud of how I use my gifts.


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