Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Be mindful of your thoughts

My friend, Cindy Gardner, an intuitive living in Washington State channels angels. During a conversation we had a few years ago, she said, "When you ask the angels for help, the response is instantaneous." She was right because they responded immediately when I asked them for a universal message, today. In a flash I heard the following: "Be Mindful of Your Thoughts!"

When you say a prayer, to whom do you direct your request? Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, Goddesses, Saints, Angels, Archangels, or some other entity? I notice that I am inconsistent when I direct my prayers out into the universe or ask for divine help. The direction of each request tends to be organic. The statement, "Be mindful of your thoughts," is very simple. What you think you can create, you can. Sometimes the end result may not be exactly what you wanted.

Whenever you find negative or dark thoughts creeping in, recognize the power contained within them. Feel the darkness for a moment. Contemplate where obsessing or focusing on them will take you. If you don't like that place, think about how you can shift your energy so you can bring yourself out of darkness and negativity into the light, loving embrace of the wings of an angel.

It is almost impossible to ignore negativity, especially when it appears front and center in our lives. We just need to find a way to balance the light and dark energies. Every day, I am aware of my thoughts as well as those of others. We cannot escape into a fantasy life, but we can have our fantasies to escape into for a brief moment or two. Wishes and fantasies can come true, but we must be mindful of how we create them.

Six and a half years ago, I said, "The only way I was going to adopt any cats while Dante (my then 19-year-old cat) was alive was if they showed up on my doorstep and were black, Siamese, gray, or gray tabbies with white bellies." One morning, I discovered a starving gray mother cat with four kittens--two Siamese and two grays on the balcony behind my resident manager's apartment--all long haired. I should have said short haired. All kittens and their mom ended up with loving homes. Looking back in retrospect, I should have been a bit more specific in my thought and request. I have never regretted adopting the two Siamese boys for a moment.

Be mindful of your thoughts...and words! Angels listen and the gifts you receive may not quite be what you really want, but it can be a small miracle and eventually you can see the value in those gifts. You have the ability to transform, learn and bring into your life what you want! Be more specific and watch the conjunctions and negative verbiage.


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