Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reflection on the Tarot Partnership of The Hierophant and The Devil

When I interpret Tarot spreads, I like to see all sides of the situation, whenever possible. For today's post, I used the Universal Waite Tarot deck. The Hierophant drew attention to himself before I even shuffled. So, my intent to just use one card was changed by Spirit. After I shuffled, I pulled The Devil (reversed). Looking at both of these cards, they present a multitude of interpretations--all with the theme of change. Why change, you ask? Because that's how we grow as individuals and as souls. Today's interpretation is with the reversal of The Devil.

The Hierophant represents society, rules, education, structure and belief systems. The Devil can represent bondage to the material, the lovers in Hell, and the struggle between Spirit and the physical world--entrapment.

How would I interpret these two cards in a partnership? I see these two characters working together because of the reversal of The Devil. The resonance for me is about restoring order, structure and putting a framework in place to remove the negative energies that we struggle with on a daily basis. That sounds a little bit like spring cleaning. I think so. For everything that we shut away in our minds, hearts, and bodies, we occasionally need to face our demons and air out our closets--the closets in our homes and in ourselves.

Why do we hold onto the past? Do we hope that we can go back in time so we can have a second chance or change our past and then our future? Perhaps. Time is linear--rather a timeline is linear. A timepiece moves in a circle.

Is change good for us? Yes. Though sometimes the process of change is extremely difficult. Ultimately, we all end up embracing change. Whether we face it willingly or fight it, sooner or later we must change. The rules (The Hierophant) of the society in which each of us live presents challenges. We must work with the rules that are handed down to us by our governments. Most societies allow us to have a say in how our government works. That is a gift that was handed down to us by those who who came before--those who found a way to create change.

While it may take us a long time to release the bonds of the devil, we know that if we "let go" of that which no longer serves us, we will provide ourselves with a new way of living our lives and we should be able to deal with whatever comes along.

In summary, The Hierophant shows us that we need order, structure, rules and beliefs to support us on our journey in life. The Devil shows us where we get stuck--usually it's fear or bondage to a way of life. When the rug is pulled out from under us, we should always get up and start all over again. Find a new way. If we trust, all will sort itself out--in time.

There is so much more to say about these two cards in partnership. We can apply the fundamentals of these cards to countless situations. Let me know what you think about these two cards working together. Let me know what you think about these two cards in opposition to one another.


  1. I would love to hear more about the Hierophant and the Devil partnership. These two cards showed up for me recently. The way you explain the partnership describes my situation perfectly.

    I am in a relatively new relationship (2 months) where we both feel that while we are very attracted to each other and we get along great, we need to behave less recklessly and take a timeout for a moment. As much as he wants a relationship with me, there are issues from a past relationship he needs to sort out. We agreed to take a step back and spend time together as friends for a few months.

    The Devil in this case is our sexual chemistry. The chemistry is so strong that we have surrendered to the temptation a few times. But as other aspects of our relationship continued to develop, we realized that this could really become deep and meaningful. Rather than giving into immediate gratifications, we have put a structure in place (Hierophant) so we won't destroy what could be a great relationship.

    So the Hierophant and the Devil partnership really hits home. It is to give up the temptation for a something bigger and more long term.

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  4. What does these two mean if i asked if my boyfriend would go to jail. The devil reversed and then the hieorphant upright in the outcome position

  5. What does these two mean if i asked if my boyfriend would go to jail. The devil reversed and then the hieorphant upright in the outcome position

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