Monday, April 6, 2009

Eight plus one equals nine

Simple mathematics teaches us to add numbers together in order to get a sum--a total. Tarot cards can provide us with a couple of different ways in which we can interpret a pair of cards. When I was contemplating employment opportunities this morning, two cards (Universal Waite deck) came out to visit me. I welcomed the 8 of cups and the ace (or 1) of cups. Using simple mathematics, as mentioned above, provides us with the formula 8 of cups + 1 of cups = 9 of cups. How sweet. Nine of cups is the gluttonous wish card.

On the 8 of cups card we see a man walking away from a stack of cups. We see the moon illuminating the sun. Depending on the actual situation, he may be walking away from something, or walking toward something. What matters is that he is on a journey to find emotional fulfillment or to fulfill a need that is emotionally driven. If he is unemployed, he may be seeking a new job. If he is unhappy in his job, he may be contemplating a new start that may fulfill him. Just because the card shows movement does not mean he will take that journey. He may look at his options and decide to stay put.

The moon illuminating the sun further reminds us that his movement that is tied to his emotions. He needs to take his emotions and feelings into account when choosing his path. With the positioning of the cups on the card, it is obvious that something is missing. Add the ace of cups to the 8 of cups, and we can see that he is walking toward the missing cup.

If we view the ace as the missing piece, it shows us that he is walking toward a new beginning--the holy grail overflowing with water--emotion and fluidity. The cup is held by a hand reaching out from the clouds. A dove holding a cross is strategically placed over the the opening of the cup. The images contained in the ace provide him with validation, hope and optimism. This is a winning combination of numbers. Why? If we do the math, 8 of cups + 1 of cups = 9 of cups--completion, or the wish card.

The ace is the missing piece in his life. He should pursue the ace of cups--see his life as potentially full of love, happiness and all of those emotionally positive experiences so he can use the wish card (9 of cups) to help him manifest what he wants--employment-wise, or in other areas of his life.

While these cards were chosen for employment options, I believe they can be used for any other type of situation where something may be missing from someone's life.

What do you think? Would you be willing to move forward in order to find out what you may be missing?


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