Thursday, April 2, 2009

...and the Angels Speak

As I opened my box of traditional "Angel Cards" looking for a message for today, one card stared at me--openly, brazenly and with humor. The word was PLAY. When we were children our idea of what constitutes PLAY changed as we became adults.

For me, PLAY is my work--my passion--reading Tarot, palms, coffee grounds, and objects. However, I often forget that playing a computer game is PLAY and not wasting time. As an adult, PLAY should be viewed as a release of energy that helps center us in some way--or provides balance. We must make time to lighten our energy in order to release stress.

This leads me to the next two cards which came out to PLAY together--BALANCE and FLEXIBILITY. It's about balancing our lives--making room for PLAY without feeling guilty or unproductive. We should find a way to incorporate some sort of PLAY into our day. That would create BALANCE.

FLEXIBILITY works with BALANCE. FLEXIBILITY allows movement; it keeps things lively--in motion. If we have complete BALANCE, we risk becoming bored and our lives could become stagnant. BALANCE should have movement. Without movement, there is no growth. The words FLEXIBILITY and BALANCE bring to mind the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot deck. While the wheel may spin, it does not always stop in a "good place," but it is a good reminder that equilibrium is key to staying positive.

The next angel card that appeared was one bringing ABUNDANCE. Today, she reminds us that we should never ask for ABUNDANCE alone. This could lead to an ABUNDANCE of things that we do not want in our lives. We should, instead, ask for ABUNDANCE of all good things, or ABUNDANCE of the positive things we want to experience. We must be specific when we use broad words. To explain this further, I was provided with two more words from the Angels: POWER and BIRTH. It is about using your personal POWER to give BIRTH to yourself. It's about creating the life you want to live. It's about using your mind, heart and soul along with the hand you were dealt to find a way to manifest the quality of life you want, and to do the work you were born to do. In other words, use POWER to give BIRTH to yourself, your projects, etc.

Use your POWER wisely, my friends, in order to bring ABUNDANCE of all good things into your lives. It's about creating magic in a loving, empowering way.

The message/lesson from the angels today consists of PLAY, BALANCE and FLEXIBILITY, ABUNDANCE, and POWER and BIRTH. They tell us to remember to play and enjoy each day. Find a way to BALANCE your life so that you are productive and maintain FLEXIBILITY. Ask for ABUNDANCE by using your personal POWER to give BIRTH to whatever you need to make your life better without trying to control the outcome.

Today is a day to create magic by lightening your heart, mind and spirit.


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