Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flexibility ... like a rubber band

The word for today is Flexibility. When it comes to work, relationships or anything that involves dealing with people, we need to exercise a certain amount of flexibility, tolerance, and acceptance in order to get along. As in life, we all have areas where we don't bend much. Think about a rubber band for a moment. They come in all sizes and shapes. They all have a purpose. So do we.

When I was in grade school a few of us used to play rubber band jump rope. I always had a thing for rubber bands -- they amused me. Here's a link down memory lane:

A few days ago I had a new group of students in my Tarot I class at SMC and found myself letting people know how flexible Tarot can be, and how flexible I can be -- up to a point. One of my students had read a lot of books on Tarot and asked me, "Aren't you supposed to wrap your cards in silk and put them in a wooden box?" I just love those questions. My answer was, "Many people write that in Tarot books. Does that work for you? I have decks in boxes, Gevalia coffee cloth bags, a Crown Royal bag, Tarot bags, and all sorts of other bags and boxes. Your deck your rules; my deck my rules."

He was stunned by my answer. Why wouldn't he be? I didn't agree with what he read. He also said, "I read that you should not let anyone read with your cards." I replied again, "Your deck your rules; my deck my rules. Whatever resonates with you or works for you should be fine. It's all about you, not what someone else says you are supposed to do. Let me repeat this again, Your deck your rules; my deck my rules."

I explained to the class that I have some decks that I collect, and some decks that I don't let people handle because they are signed by some of my friends (the artists Arnell Ando, Robert M. Place, Julie Cuccia-Watts, and a few others) that I treasure. There are also two or three decks that I read with that I won't let anyone use. However, I also have a bunch of decks that anyone can handle. I'm a teacher. However, if anyone rifles or "poker shuffles" my decks, I become rigid and my rubber band personality breaks. Rifling decks wear them out faster. Easy does it and my rubber band snaps back into place.

So, my question to you, dear reader, is simple, "Do you know how flexible you are and under what conditions?" We all have our areas of "no problem" and "absolutely not." You just read about one of mine!


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